Thursday, May 28, 2015


If YOU can SING , YOU can Dance  with  Paverpol .... It's a revolutionary stiffening product that is environmentally friendly. That means it is  safe for adults, children, animals and mother nature.

Being a Mixed Media Artist means searching out new ways to express ones' self.... I'd been dabbling in sculpting with various types of clay  for  over a  decade ... but I'm not really that old ( Ha Ha)... so.. when I  get my hands into something  utterly wonderful to  create with .... 

Don't you LOVE  the way fabric drapes around her body and don't you HATE throwing away that favourite form fitting t-shirt. Well ... I discovered that Paverpol was the answer to my over developed sense of  repurposing and recycling. Mother Earth needs all the help she can get.
REMEMBER: Paverpol is environmentally friendly.

 This beautifully draped bottom is courtesy of my husbands old shredded  t-shirts dipped and layered with  the Paverpol hardening agent ...WOW, how fabulous is that!!!!

The wonderful thing is, that figurines and sculptures dipped in Paverpol can be left outside without any need of further protection.  However, you might want to Paverplast just incase of a creative mistake of not completely covering your cherished piece of art. 

Paverpol opens a whole new world of art for you to explore... Please check back at my " Dancing Lily Studio" frequently, as I add new sculptures, workshops and special event schedules for you to attend. I look forward to  introducing you to the Paverpol 

PAVERPOL works best with 100% cotton materials... use your own or buy Paverpol cotton/stockinette here. All products are available online.