Sunday, January 31, 2016


" WONDER of wonders... MIRACLE of miracles"  ...   I've been uplifted into  'POWERTEX"  heaven... It is a revolutionary, water-based, liquid fabric hardener that is 100%  environmentally safe for  adults, children and animals.

WHAT A VERSATILE PRODUCT !!!!!  Not only does it make most porous materials and surfaces weather resistant, it allows you and I, to  create a unique piece of art that can be left outside, in the summer and the winter months ...  AMAZING !!!!

 With  the 2015 Christmas passing of my sweet mother-in-law, Peggy, our  family needed some spiritual uplifting.  I never expected it to come in the form of a fabric hardener.( ha ha) In earnest, I created and created angels and angels and more angels  for the  local Christmas Fair. 

I discovered that Powertex could be successfully combined with  most natural materials : cotton, fabric, paper, paper mache, silk, metal, air-dry clay, rayon backed polymer clay , concrete, pottery, fiberglass, cardboard, stone, wood, ceramics and many more.  ... so bring on the "HEALING " experimentation !!!!

AH-h-h-h-h ... It was such  an easy one-step process:  Dip your material into the Powertex liquid and then shape, fold, drape, pleat or just basically manipulate the fabric in as many creative ways as possible. WHAT AN AEROBIC WORKOUT !!!! I must have dropped at least ten pounds per Angel ( Hee Hee)

Once my creation was dry, I was amazed, at how hard and durable the figurine was ...  YES … The fact that I  could display my work, indoors or outdoors, and in the SNOW, only added to the, "WOW FACTOR".

POWERTEX  is one of the leading textile and sculpting mediums in the world …. It has also  received  the non-toxic AP seal, by the Arts and Creative Materials Institute( ACMI) This environmentally friendly cream gives artists and crafters around the world, a serious new medium, to expand their creative scope.  The ONLY limit is your IMAGINATION.

Once you pop off the lid and pour the sculpting cream into the dish, a " DEJA VU " happens. Your hands, begin an annointed  process of euphoric creation, that transcends into the ultimate  artisan zone.

I can hardly believe that I turned my husband's, stinky , old t-shirts, into glorious  angels. YES,
these angelic figurines now wear the sweat and tears of a treasured t-shirt collection.  My hubby complained bitterly, however my reply was that " After ten years, it was  time for new ones ". honey ".

As a mixed media artist ...  it is important, to  creatively go, where no man/ woman has dared to ventured . " POWERTEX ", is one of those products, that takes you just a little beyond ... into the outer space of  creative freedom. While other  products  might be similar, I must relate, that Powertex,  is user friendly and the LEAST  messy fabric hardener that I've ever used.

Since, it is AP accredited for the environment , all humans and animals, I am relieved, that it is also water- based and easy to clean up after a workshop session. 

Powertex is available in a variety of product colours, colortrix paints, moulds, books and videos,  online  and around the world.  Please check out my "powertex"  site/currently under construction and  ENJOY this, ( for up and coming workshops , events and products. Your visits and  suggestions are always welcome, my Friends.

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